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Be Pro ActiveObjective: The objective of is to encourage individuals to be Pro Active a minimum of five years prior to applying for Medicaid in order to fulfill wishes, develop care plans, and help attempt to protect their assets and inheritance and/or those of their loved ones. Medicaid could “Look Back” at the past five years prior to applying for Medicaid to evaluate how monies were spent and if this spending follows their strict spend-down guidelines. If the spend-down is not done according to the guidelines for Medicaid, your loved ones’ assets could be jeopardized and a time penalty enforced prior to eligibility. This may create a financial strain and affect the quality of health care necessary for your/their future. Having a will is not enough! Be Pro Active! Educate yourself and seek necessary help. Minimal dollars can be spent now seeking legal and financial pre-planning advice for LTC or thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars may have to be forfeited later. Each state has a maximum amount of total allowable assets which is surprisingly low.


If all the boxes are not checked, Be Pro Active and download the eBook Guide To Pre Medicaid for $ will help you become organized and navigate you through the maze of information, it will save you countless hours of research, frustration, phone calls, emails, and most importantly, money, that you might spend on more expensive sources. The odds are that if you’re not Pro Active a minimum of five years prior to applying for Medicaid (2014), the wishes, type of care, and inheritance you thought were going to be available at the end of the day, will not be, then it is what it is!


This website was inspired by the personal experiences encountered by its founder as he was faced with his father’s deteriorating health, which required substantial outside assistance and ultimately a skilled nursing facility. The information in Guide To Pre and the downloadable eBook, is intended as a guide; it’s not legal advice.

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