Five year look back

By | February 17, 2014

Recently, Nancy one of our staff members, was visiting with a friend of hers and the subject of  Medicaid came up. During the conversation, Nancy mentioned that presently, Medicaid could look back five years prior to applying for Medicaid, and how her friends money was spent and evaluate her assets. Her friend was surprised to hear that Medicaid could do such a thing and also ask for documentation for this time period. At, this is a common statement we hear from all ages of people. Nancy mentioned that we at have a downloadable eBook, her friend said she did not have a computer and didn’t know how or where  to get a copy.  A number of people we have spoken with don’t have a computer or have limited access to one, so we have printed copies and Nancy handed her our printed eBook. Her friend was very appreciative that we have taken the time to generate an eBook that is simple to read and provides a wealth of information. Her friend didn’t know she had to be Pro Active in order to protect her assets.